Charlie C.L. Wang, Fellow of ASME

Professor and Chair of Smart Manufacturing

Faculty of Science and Engineering
The University of Manchester

Address: Core One, 4th Floor, Engineering Building A, Booth St E, Manchester M13

Research interests: Digital Manufacturing, Computational Design, Additive Manufacturing, Soft Robotics, Mass Personalization, and Geometric Computing.

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Prof. Charlie C. L. Wang is currently Chair of Smart Manufacturing at the University of Manchester (UoM). Before joining UoM in 2020, he worked as a Professor and Chair of Advanced Manufacturing at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (2016) and as a Professor (2015) / Associate Professor (2009) / Assistant Professor (2003) of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also held a visiting professor position at University of Southern California during his sabbatical leave (2011). He received his B.Eng. degree (1998) in mechatronics engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and his Ph.D. degree (2002) in mechanical engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Prof. Wang was the recipient of several awards, including the ASME CIE Excellence in Research Award (2016), the ASME CIE Young Engineer Award (2009), nine Best Paper Awards, five project-oriented technology innovation awards and three teaching awards. He was elected to be a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2013, and is currently chairing the Solid Modeling Association (SMA).

  • Charlie has received an EPSRC Fellowship Grant for the research project "Field Computation Based Kernel for Vector 3D Printing", August 2023
  • Our paper "Vector field based volume peeling for multi-axis machining" received the CIE Best Paper Award at ASME IDETC/CIE 2023 Conference, August 20-23, 2023, Boston, USA
  • Dr. Rob Scharff, who graduated from our group in 2021, has joined the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor at the Division of Integrative Systems and Design in January 2023
  • Our paper "S^3-Slicer: A general slicing framework for multi-axis 3D printing" received the Technical Papers' Best Paper Award at SIGGRAPH Asia 2022, December 6-9, Daegu, Korea
  • Dr. Tsz-Ho Kwok, an alumni of our group (Ph.D. 2013), won the Young Investigator Award from the Solid Modeling Association, June 2022
  • Our project "Multi-axis robot-based bioprinting system supporting natural cell function preservation and cardiac tissue fabrication" won the MedTech Award in 3D Pioneers Challenge, May 2022
  • Our paper "A multi-axis robot-based bioprinting platform for bioactive artificial blood vessel and cardiac tissue fabrication" was accepted by Bioactive Materials, April 2022
  • Our project "SORO-MADE: Soft robotic mannequin with programmable shape deformation" was funded by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), March 2022
  • Our paper "HRBF-Fusion: Accurate 3D reconstruction from RGB-D data using on-the-fly implicits" was accepted by ACM Transactions on Graphics and will be presented in SIGGRAPH 2022, 8-11 August, Vancouver, Canada
  • The paper of Tianyu Zhang (PhD student in our lab), "Singularity-aware motion planning for multi-axis additive manufacturing", was selected to the Finalist of Best Student Paper Award in IEEE CASE 2021, 23-27 August, Lyon, France
  • Dr. Tsz-Ho Kwok, an alumni of our group (Ph.D. 2013), was given the ASME CIE Young Engineer Award, July 2021
  • A new project "Toolpath algorithms for 5XCAM hybrid manufacturing" sponsored by 5AXISWORKS Ltd was signed, July 2021
  • Our paper "Knitting 4D garment with elasticity controlled for body motion" was accepted by SIGGRAPH, April 2021
  • Charlie was elected to be the Executive Committee Chair of Solid Modeling Association, January 2021
  • Our paper "Reinforced FDM: Multi-axis filament alignment with controlled anisotropic strength" was accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia, September 2020
  • The whole research team moved to Manchester to establish a new Digital Manufacturing Lab, August 2020

    Last Updated: 16/08/2023